Updated automatic payment system — always stay in touch

We are introducing the new automatic payments system. Now you can automatically top up your account balance using preset parameters - on a certain date, when reaching a low balance or for numbers and price plan fees.

For added security only three automatic payments per month are allowed.

We recommend setting up an automatic payment in your personal account and always stay connected!

France mobile numbers - best cost and best connection terms

Our service has become an MVNO-operator, and we now offer our own mobile numbers in France with access to calls and SMS.

In honour of this event, we are offering 50% off monthly fees for six months for French mobile numbers. The offer is valid until May 1, 2022.

Number coverage and price plans expansion

Expanded mobile and landline numbers coverage:

All these numbers were already added to our price plans that already include outgoing call minutes and extended PBX features.

Additionally, bundles Office and Corporation received:

EU region World region Americas region Russia region
  • Landline numbers in 20 cities.

Numbers in the largest cities of Ukraine were added to our pool with great call terms.

New SIP encryption capability

To the ability to encrypt all calls via WebRTC we have also added SIP connection encryption via TLS and SRTP cryptographic protocols.

TLS and SRTP are popular encryption protocols that provide security and confidentiality of all calls.

You can enable SIP encryption on your equipment, detailed instructions will help you with that.

Important — TLS and SRTP can only work together, if you enable TLS, SRTP must also be enabled for calls to get through.

Zadarma official apps for Windows and Android also support TLS/SRTP protocols (the feature will be available for our iOS app in the nearest future).

Updated payment system for businesses

If you prefer to pay for communication services via bank transfer, you will benefit from the updated business solution. Getting proforma, invoices and other documents is now even easier and faster.

Microsoft Teams integration

A major addition to our official integrations — now Zadarma VoIP services have a free integration with Microsoft Teams:

  • calls in one click from MS Teams interface;
  • call routing configuration for organizations in Teams;
  • voice menu setup and additional features available in MS Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a popular business communication platform for team work in Microsoft 365. The number of daily system user exceeds 145 million.

Detailed Zadarma and MS Teams integration instructions can be found here.

Click to Call Chrome Extension

Zadarma plugin is now available in Chrome web store for convenient calls straight from the browser. The extension finds all phone numbers on a website. You can make a call by just clicking on an icon next to it or by highlighting the number and clicking the right mouse button. You can also pull up the phone keypad by clicking on the extension.

The extension is fully integrated with Zadarma PBX, all calls are recorded in the statistics. We recommend Click to Call Zadarma extension for working with CRM/helpdesk and other systems. Detailed setup instructions can be found here.

Calls to United Kingdom price change

From July 1, 2021 UK mobile providers are changing the price of calls to their networks from most countries. To continue making calls to the United Kingdom at affordable rates, we recommend making calls using the UK or any EU country CallerID.

Due to these changes, free call minutes to the UK will no longer be available in the World price plan.

For making calls to the UK at attractive rates simply connect a number in London with 50% off for six months.