5 incoming lines on Spain numbers and our summer deal

New virtual numbers in Spain now have 5 incoming lines (number of outgoing lines depends on your phone system bundle).

We are also reminding you that our summer deal for virtual numbers is still going on. Until August 31st, you can get numbers in 5 countries with 30% off:

Zendesk and Zadarma virtual PBX integration

An integration with a popular CRM system Zendesk is now available in your personal account ( link to the setup manual). The official integration is absolutely free and performs without third-party modules.

Integration features:

  • Zadarma webphone built into Zendesk interface, ability to call clients in one click from the browser;
  • Pop-up client card during incoming and outgoing calls;
  • An integration of call statistics and recordings, ability to listen to the recordings straight from Zendesk interface.

30% off numbers in 5 countries

Hot summer deal – all summer long we are offering 30% off monthly fees for 6 months for virtual numbers in 5 countries:

The offer is valid until September 1st, 2019 for the numbers connected during this period. Hurry up, pretty numbers are going away fast. Summer is here!

New feature: receive notifications via Viber

Now you can receive important notifications on your Viber app – missed calls, balance, incoming SMS messages and much more.

There are also integrations available with Facebook messenger, Slack and Telegram.

Toll free 800 numbers in North America are now free

We are now offering toll free numbers in the United States and Canada with no connection or monthly fees! Calls on these numbers are free for anyone in the respective countries, while the cost is covered by the owner of the number. Toll free number is an amazing solution for businesses with a client base spread all over the country.

New API features, work with IVR

Useful features for the developers, like working with IVR and DTMF, were added into the Webhook notifications. NOTIFY_START and NOTIFY_IVR allow to change the scenario of incoming call "on the fly", to create multilevel and dynamic IVR (voice greeting), to automatically receive DTMF responses and authorize the calling side via DTMF. Special file manager was created to play automatic IVR, it is available in incoming calls and IVR settings of the PBX.

Immense selection of numbers: choose your own digits

Today tens of thousands of virtual numbers in most cities, towns and countries around the world became available on Zadarma website. Now even the numbers in smaller towns are not selected randomly and you can choose a certain number to connect. 30-minute reservation is available for those numbers.

We have also expanded the coverage of numbers in Ukraine .

New version of "Click to call" widget

Zadarma presented an updated “Click to call” widget:

  • improved support for new versions of Safari;
  • added an option to create a response for browsers that do not support WebRTC;
  • added an option to change the text on the button from your personal account.

To enjoy all new features of the widget you need to update the widget code.