Services for private persons

Specially for subscribers, we designed several projects within which you can get access to the Internet, IP-telephony, direct inward dialing numbers (DID) of any country of the world and also to send sms to any country of the world.

Services for companies

A wide range of special offers we designed for big, medium and small business. We will help you to make telephone network in your office within minutes. And later on to make calls, send and receive faxes with minimum expenditures.

Services for operators

IP Telecom Bulgaria LTD is always ready to provide best quality services for operators. First of all it is a transit of voice traffic of premium quality all over the world (A-Z) and also direct transit of voice traffic of premium quality.

Services for Subscribers
Business Services
Services for Operators

Telephony of premium quality

We guarantee maximal quality of voice transit to any country of the world. Quality is controlled by coordination centre working 24/7. For all tariff plans we use only premium routes with the highest quality.

Direct inward dialing (DID) numbers in any country of the world

Our company is ready to provide our users with unique possibility to purchase DID numbers in 70 countries of the world by lowest prices. You will get number within 24 hours

SMS sending services

Modern way to deliver information to Your users is SMS sending. Also any other sms services are possible, sms sending to any country of the world. Message delivery control, selection of economic tariffs by Your requirements.

Services for Subscribers
Business Services
Services for Operators
Conference calling - easier and more affordable

You can now create a Conference call absolutely for free. In PBX you can add up to 30 participants to a group discussion.

The new way of conference creation is extremely easy: during the ca ...

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Free Zadarma CRM – the official release

We are introducing the official release of our free CRM system - ZCRM - fully integrated with Zadarma Cloud PBX.

After a month of beta-t ...

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Das ist Fantastisch: Zadarma is now in German

Zadarma website and personal account have a new language – our German-speaking users and new clients can now enjoy our services in their native language.

We keep expanding the geography of ...

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Corporation 3x, new countries in EU bundles

5 new countries were added to EU phone system bundles — Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Cyprus and the Netherlands.

As suggested by our users, minutes in Corporation bundle can now be increased b ...

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